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Unsure exactly how far beyond her prime she is at age 40, a naively ambitious Lorelle (Jeanette Harrison) leaves family and home behind in Texas in order to embark upon a new life in San Francisco - as an aspiring actress. But even in a city so far removed from all she has known before, Lorelle finds herself stalked by her former life in the person of an apparently crazed denizen of the streets (Zachary Drake), a ranting sibyl who seems to know entirely too much about Lorelle's past . . . and future. Reaching out of that past, something relentless makes it increasingly clear that it is not about to let her go, as each intriguing encounter pushes Lorelle closer to the realization that not only does life not begin at 40, this may well be the end of the road.

Cassandra's Echo
Black Summers Productions' First Movie
Cassandra's Echo premiered at the 2006 FAIF International Film Festival in Hollywood October 10, 2006.