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Cassandra's Echo
FRANCISCO J. PADILLA. Production Manager - We were extremely lucky to have the services of Francisco as Production Manager.

Francisco was born in Nicaragua and has lived in San Francisco since 1987. He is a registered Civil Engineer and holds a certification as a Project Manager and Web Designer (he got us started on our website). He is a self taught Digital Designer with a passion for any form of art (some of his original artwork can be seen in
Cassandra's Echo). Visit his website at

MARIANNE McCARTY. Production Assistant - We first contacted Marianne about being an extra. It turned out her work schedule meshed with our shooting schedule and we asked if she'd also take on the role of Production Assistant. Fortunately for us, she agreed.

Marianne is a native of New England. She moved to San Francisco in 1971. After working for 20 years as a travel agent, Marianne is now a bartender at what's said to be one of the best dive bars in San Francisco - The Hearth (Geary & 11th).

When Marianne isn't helping out fledging filmmakers and working at the bar, she enjoys growing orchids, knitting, and reading mystery novels.

ANTHONY WESLEY. Anthony was sound recorder on two days of shooting. He recruited our main sound recorder Michaela, and Paige who plays one of the acting students and the young Mrs. Drumm. When Anthony wasn't busy helping with whatever needed to be done on the set, he shot some behind-the-scenes footage. Anthony plays the Good Samaritan in Cassandra's Echo.

CLAUDIO CONCIN. Claudio was the sound recorder on our last day of filming, helped with set decoration, and pitched in wherever help was needed. Claudio plays the talent agent in Cassandra's Echo.

Claudio is Professor of Italian at City College of San Francisco.

MICHAELA HIGGINS-CLOYD. Sound Recordist - Michaela is in film school.

MIKE CASSO. Set Designer and Electrician.

ROBERT BLACK. Computer Consultant - Computer expert turned sculptor, photographer, and all around go-to person, Robert built the "Monster" computer needed for editing a digital movie.

ROSE BLACK. Rose is one of our most enthusiastic supporters. She recruited Martha Luehrmann who plays Abuelita, was handler of Pedro who plays Cody the dog, and did set decoration. She was an extra in one of the diner scenes.

Rose is a published poet.

HAIR & MAKE-UP - A tale of two artists:

Hair and makeup for
Cassandra's Echo was originally to be done by a friend of cast member and sometime sound recorder Anthony Wesley. When that friend's mother took ill very shortly before principal shooting was scheduled to begin, we were sent scrambling for a substitute. Up until the day before shooting was to start we had no one to do hair or makeup. We finally were able to make a last-minute connection through, hiring India-born Pallavi Jindal to report to work on the set the following morning. The talented and gracious Pallavi was right on time - and eight months pregnant. Despite her skill and obviously good-natured work ethic, we were very concerned about her continuing on the project because principal shooting was scheduled to continue for another month and we felt that the last complication we needed was a birth on the set. Nevertheless, Pallavi was able to work with us for the next week of shooting, while we set about finding a replacement.

Eventually we made online contact with the equally talented and gracious
Kimberly Doss (, who eagerly agreed to come in on the project and help us out. Of course . . . having the same due date as Pallavi, Kim showed up eight and a half months pregnant at that point. And sure enough, towards the end of the shoot, we received word that Kim would not be arriving to do makeup and hair that morning because she was on her way to the hospital to have her baby. Given both the timing and our budget limitations, the actors had to struggle on doing their own makeup, or doing without entirely. Fortunately, the plot of Cassandra's Echo is such that a little muss towards the end was not at all out of place.

TONY VELLA. Stunt Coordinator