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A Cold Reading
"The play's the thing!" Alas, Mr. Shakespeare - if only all the actors were aware of the script on hand.

Wesley's two oldest and dearest friends, Tony and Brynn, lie dying in the hospital. That all paths lead to Death's door is hardly any great mystery . . . and yet a little explaining would seem to be in order given the suddenly crowded welcome mat. Later than most, Tony had just met the love of his life, a handsome young Cuban, while Wesley's friend-roommate-patroness Brynn had just revitalized herself with her own heartfelt compassion: She has rescued a troubled derelict still tentatively reestablishing communications with the world - by resorting to a most unexpected device - after having suffered a traumatic end to his professional acting career. Drawn to the one friend's bliss and repelled by the other's apparently blissful gullibility, and having already been forced into an early retirement by a wrecked economy, Wesley explains to himself how he found himself pushed to the limit as his friends found new lives. It is a tale told not by an idiot, but by a player surprised at the cunning of his own lines as much as by any twist of fate.

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Black Summers have made two feature-length films - Cassandra's Echo and Queer Icon: The Cult of Bette Davis.

A Cold Reading will be Black Summers' third feature-length film. It was written by Black and will be directed and edited by Black. This time around Black Summers want to be able to pay the actors and crew. The budget for A Cold Reading is based on 14 shooting days and 3 days of rehearsal. It includes pre- and post-production costs. Aside from a tiny cushion in the budget for the unexpected, the budget is the bare minimum needed to make A Cold Reading.